Monday, September 16, 2013

Sans Ben.

That level of normalcy comes easily.

Like the tide, where it sets and resets it self with out you even noticing.

Our life seems perfect in its imperfect way.

Still those two girls living a life built for three... but thriving and loving every minute of it.

Then life happens.

Those things you don't expect crack you in the face early on Sunday morning.

Things you cant stop.

Things you cant fix.

Things you cant change.

But all the same they will change you.

The loss will fill your soul.

The way you can't say it out loud will consume every minute of your day.

The way you can't fix those around you.. which in turn becomes both humbling and god awful painful.

Suicide is an awful option.

The loss is a lot like the tide, the set and re set around us is often too much.

The unanswered questions the inability to comprehend the "why didn't I?" and "what could have I?"

Nothing will help with the questions tonight.

Nothing will help with them tomorrow.

The only option is to hold the ones you have closer and tighter.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I forgot.

I never said I fell in love did I? 

I forgot to tell you that. 

Maybe not forgot, but hid it.... because it wasn't perfect and it wasn't easy... and it was beyond messy. 

I fell in love. 

Like never before. 

Quickly and without warning. 

It happened. 

Long ago. 

Well it seems like that. 

It was the first and only time I was myself.  Myself from the beginning and right up until the end. The myself that only the best of the best see... The real me. 

But an end came. 

I was devastated. 

The timing could not have been worse, it was the start of what I will always recall as the hardest year of my life. 

It was weeks after my dad's diagnoses....  and I was officially broken. 

Only to be followed quickly by the death of my grandfather, and later the loss of apple and my dog Mason. 

The cycle of loss didn't seem to end. 

I was battered and bruised and more alone then ever. I struggled more than I let on. 

I had felt pain like never before. 

As a person who was as amazing as I am at being numb....I felt like every nerve ending in my body was on fire. 

I had no way to put out the fire.... but I felt it every single day. 

The problem is, although the relationship ended... it never really did. 

It ended because of circumstance and two single parents trying to raise good children. 

It ended because two people couldn't find time for an "us". 

It ended for reasons that I will never agree with and never really understand. 

But it continued because I had been "myself" and we had fit into each other like nothing else ever had.

It continued because I let it. 

It continued because he could never let go. 

But as time moved on, I began to realize that I needed more. 

I started to understand that I needed someone to  hold my hand on the bad days. 

I started to understand that I wanted someone to show up. 

I started to understand that my life needed to be lived not stood still waiting. 

And so we tried, again and again. 

To be those people that had a happy ending. 

But we never became that. 

We became two people that could stare at each other across a desk and want nothing more than to go make dinner for our children but had no idea  of how to do it together. 

My life as I know it is eclipsed by Apple. 

She makes me understand and feel what real love can be like and what real life is. 

Last week she told me I was the "love of her life". 

I have always known she was the love of mine.

So the other love I felt, became replaceable and almost insignificant in comparison. 

Is alone difficult? 


Is alone where I have learned to live...


Is alone where I will reside forever? 


Am I terrified? 


But will I do it all over again now..... Just to see if it will work.....


Wish me luck. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What will never be.

It is always the look back. 

It is the look back that will send you into complete and utter hysteria. 

You know the one. 

When someone is walking away and you don't know when or how they will return. 

They look back one last time. 

And a piece of you cracks inside. 

My dad looked back. 

He walked closely behind my mother but stopped before he rounded the corner. 

He looked at me. 

I mouthed.... "I love you" one last time as if it might make the difference. 

Then I was alone. 

In a room full of sorrow... I was alone. 

That silence that I fear so much crept into my brain. 

Words I had heard before ran threw my mind... "No one is coming to save you..."

It got louder and louder. 

It filled my mind. 

I held the arms of the chair. 

I had to get up and I had to move 

So I went to get a coffee....

That's when this day takes the kind of turn only I can tell you about. 

I stood in a line a mile long to get a coffee and a croissant. 

My mind was racing. 

My mouth didn't move right when I ordered. She asked me again and again... "What do you need??"

I got my debit card out and swiped. 

Instantly I was declined. 

We tried again. 

Then again. 

It wouldn't work. 

The same lady who barked at me now looked at me with contempt..... "It won't work"...

I said "Obviously there is a problem with your chip reader"


"I work here... I point at the debit card"....."I work here, I have money" ---- I did not say this quietly. 

I wanted everyone to hear me. 

I let this be my focus. 

I noted the kind eyes in the man behind me. 

Like he had been in this situation before. 

"Seriously, here is my mastercard... it'll be fine...." as I smile at the crowd around me. 

"Mam... we don't take mastercard"

"Where is a bank machine, because like I said I have money in this"----pointing to the bank card again..

"Over there Mam...." pointing without looking at me...

I wanted to die. 

But I hauled ass to that bank machine and I punched my pin hoping everyone was watching me. 

I got money out. 

I ran back over with the money and the receipt incase anyone might want to check. 

I waved it... to show everyone 

She quietly told me that the gentleman behind me had already paid. 

I looked around quickly and spotted him. 

I started to explain and he said "It's ok".... It is Christmas after all... he quietly explained. 

We walked in the same direction. 

I wanted to tell him how scared I was. 

I wanted to tell him what was really wrong. 

But I had learned my lesson earlier this year about going down that road. 

We walked to the same area, and I said "Thank you" again and he walked into the area my Dad would be waiting in. 

I looked at the door and it sunk in quickly. 

The man who had just bought my coffee was my father's doctor. 

Now all I could do was wait. 

I drank my coffee and prayed for that man to do two good things today. 

I looked around the room, at people younger and older than me feeling the same way I was. 

Now maybe more than ever understanding I won't be saved, but I am never alone. 

They walked out shortly after that. 

She got to me before he did. 

Her eyes told me nothing.... but the instant hug she gave me did. 

"It's ok now, he's going to be ok"

I felt my legs shake. 

But I remained strong. 

The words I have needed had finally been said out loud. 

I listened to him make his appointment. 

His body was nervous and jumpy. 

As soon as it was done, he walked quickly over to us and held her. 

And then they kissed. 

Not "passionately" but enough for me to turn away. 

He looked at me after and said "Its over Meg, Its what we wanted" 

Everything I had been holding onto for a year felt like it rushed from my body and into the air. 

I gripped him. 


I did not want to let go. 

I touched his face as our hug ended and I truly thanked god. 

That I would have him for another day. 

For many days. 

So much of this year has been about this day and what it would bring. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and as you all spend time with your families, I want to remind you of something. 

No matter what.... Be grateful, Be happy and Enjoy.

I look at these next few days as a gift. 

I begged for this, I prayed for this and I got exactly what I wanted. 

I go to bed tonight grateful and thankful. 


Monday, December 17, 2012

tell me it'll be the end of this.

I sit tonight and wait for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will go to get his final scan.


For months I have known the date and the time.

I have waited.

I have wanted.

But now, I dread it.

Tomorrow we know.

Tomorrow we have answers.

Maybe tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow I stop holding my breath.

Maybe tomorrow the anxiety will lessen.

Maybe tomorrow I will say "that's what was wrong"

Maybe tomorrow it'll all go away.

Maybe tomorrow the pause stops.


Dear god.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sometimes you need more.

I know you'll read this.

Because I remember you and the way you operate.

I know you'll read this.

You will roll your eyes and refute each word I write.

I know you'll read this and I know you'll know... you'll look in the mirror tonight before you go to bed and you will know.

She laid on me last week and asked you a direct question.

She asked you why you didn't want to live with us anymore.

You didn't answer.

You cried.

You stood in my home and cried.

I saw your pain.

I watched and waited for you to tell her something that would make sense.

You cried.

I waited.

Then I cleaned up your mess.


I explained to our daughter how lucky she was to have two families that love her.

I told her all of the bullshit things the books tell me to say.

I watched you.

You winced when I said her name.

When I told our daughter how lucky she was that you and her "loved apple".

You winced.

I watched you.

I didn't cry.

I was strong.

I am always strong.

You always thought it was you... didn't you?

You always thought you carried me.

Do you get it now?

That it's me?

It has always been me.

I make this work.

I don't break or fail.


Go to bed tonight knowing that.

I get back up and I keep going.

And need to do the same.

You need to think of some real answers to her questions.

You need to come up with a reason.

Here is where you should pause stop backtracking and rack that brain of yours.

You are intelligent..

I know you are.

I actually still tell people that.... how god awful smart you are.

So think of something to say.


Not a lie.

Not a glossy bullshit story about how we stop loving each other because thats not true is it?

Tell her a version of the truth that will make sense.

Because without a doubt one day she will find out what you did.

Not just to me, but to her.

You need to explain it.

In your words.

In your way.

With strength and resolute that you did the right thing for all of us.

I look forward to the answer.

I always have.

Monday, August 20, 2012

the precedent and the priority.

She often wakes me before the alarm goes off.

It's way too early, and I still need to run and shower and get ready for work... so this is not something i want to happen. 

But it happens. 

I'll ask her what's wrong and she'll tell me about the dream she had or how the blankets don't feel cold. 

I need her to go back to bed. 

I need her to understand I have a lot of shit to do before she can get out of bed... 

She is persistent and highly articulate about what her "needs" are. 

I either get into bed with her or she is coming into mine. 

My frustration is boiling over at this point.... my sentences are always very broken and sharp... 

"I can't"

"Just sleep"

"It's fine"

Her kind eyes are piercing. My heart aches to do the right thing.

I don't have time... I never have enough time. 

I get it now though. 

She wants it.... 

She wants that time with me... that time that I will just lay with her and be "hers"

I get it because I want the same.

I sit with him.

He looks tired.

So god awful tired.

Always older then the last time I have seen him.

He tells me he's fine.

I roll my eyes.

He smiles.

I move closer as if feeling him beside me will keep him with me longer.

We sit like that for as long as we can.

Until she wants our attention and the moments gone.

But for that moment... it is so clear and so calming.

He is mine.

He is my dad.

He is my everything.

And I adore him.

Everything about him.

He's my first call in the morning and one of my last thoughts before I sleep.

I could never have asked for anything more.

I am grateful for each moment with him now.

Although it feels like our lives are on a stop watch now.. that I watch from a distance... while still trying to enjoy the moment.

He set a precedent at a young age with me.

I knew I was a priority.

He taught me the most important lesson you can ever teach a child.

"No matter what, you can always come home"

No matter what I did, how ever badly I screwed up(believe me no one has ever screwed up as much or as badly as I did....) I knew, I could go home.


As I lay with her on those early mornings I try to take advantage of our time.

I tell her the things he tells me.

Like how much I love her, or how no matter how bad it is we can always fix it, and how proud of her I am for the small stuff.

I pray the words sink in.

Those same statements have saved me. In the literal sense, they saved my life.  

Over and over again his words often echo in my head at my worst times... reminding me to get back up, no matter how bad it seems... tomorrow will always come, and no matter what you can always find home.

He has four treatments of radiation left.

I could not be more proud.

He has faced this with the strength and courage that only the best have.

As you read this Dad, know forever and for always... you are it.

 You are the best and brightest example of a man I could have ever had.

I love you, stop watch or not... I love every minute of you.

Forever, and for always. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

unsure of what the balance held.

The fall is short but hard.

It's often in the dead of night.

When I am alone.

I am comfortable that way.

I can deal with it alone.

Today was different.

It was 7:23 when the bottom dropped.

I was on talking with my mum, doing everything I could to get off the phone and end the conversation.

It was happening.

When it comes I can't control it.

My cell phone rang and gave me the excuse I needed.

My friends 3 year old son called, as he sometimes does.

To tell me how much he loved the duck game we gave him for his birthday.

His sweet voice gave me a few seconds of calm but it wasn't enough.

Why is it never enough.

The bottom dropped and I could no longer hide.

I could hear the distinctive rustle of his mum grabbing the phone.

"Are you o.k?"

"You need to tell me what's wrong"


Those questions seem so simple seeing them.

"Are you o.k?"

Over and over again she asks.

I finally tell her no.

I break the silence that has sat still inside me for months.

I tell her no.

Over and over again.


She tells me she will be here within thirty minutes.

With wine.

I don't stop crying.

I still haven't stopped crying.

In the last five months, I have watched by dad be diagnosed and deal with having cancer, I have watched my grandfather die and I was easily convinced I had found something real to love... only to realize it wasn't.

It's clearly too much.

4 hours later.

I feel my feet on the ground.

I feel stronger.

More hopeful.

For two reasons.

One is the friend.

Who berated me for not calling her.

For reminding me they don't need to know, they want to know.

Secondly, for the txt from my dad at 10:24 that read "Love you"

It's enough.

Enough to end today and start tomorrow.

Enough to get me into my bed and make remember that my life is patiently waiting for me.